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premium CLASS

Our Premium carriages offer a more comfortable seat with plenty of extra space and fewer passengers for a more intimate experience. The carriages are festively dressed and as well as a Hot Chocolate and Cookie all premium ticket holders receive our exclusive Train To Christmas Town Mug. Due to the nature of the seating layout on our premium carriages tickets must be purchased in even quantities. This enables us to ensure all reservations can be seated agreeably.

The seating layout in premium carriages consists of two rows of tables throughout with an aisle running through the middle. On one side of the carriage there are tables seating a maximum of four, and on the other side of the aisle, we have tables that seat two. There are several important options to consider when booking your tickets. Please consider these carefully so we can seat your party in the best possible way.

Why is Premium Class right for you?

Important: Passengers in our premium classes of service must purchase tickets in even numbers. This policy is the result of our premium class customers becoming upset that their third or fifth person was being seated with another family. It’s an important issue in Premium Class since these seats are at tables. By booking your tickets in pairs, this uncomfortable occurrence is avoided and your premium class experience is preserved. For customers who object to this policy, we offer the Standard Class service where this policy is not in effect, and where rowed seating makes it less of an issue. We have learned that more often than not, the family of three or five will enjoy the extra seat for piling coats and bags, or more frequently your fellow riders take advantage of the opportunity to invite a lonely Aunt or their child’s best friend. We understand your concern, we are protecting the overwhelming number of customers who appreciate knowing they will be seated together around the table while they make these precious family memories.


Our standard carriages offer adequate seating and the layout consists of rows of two tables each seating four with an aisle running through the middle. We always recommend that you purchase standard tickets in sets of four wherever possible, during peak times parties not in multiples of four will share table/s with other parties. Due to the festive atmosphere, this does not affect overall enjoyability for all.

Why is Standard Class right for you?



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